YZ-5J Slit Lamp

YZ-5J Slit Lamp

Model No.︰YZ-5J

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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specifications︰ Specifications:
Type:Cross-angle stereovision;
Total Magnification:10x(ø18mm),16x(ø14.5mm),
(Diameter of Visual Fidura light)
Diopter Adjustment:±6D;
Slit Height:mm~8mm continuously adjustable;
Slit Width:0mm~9mm continuously adjustable(at 9mm,slit becom a circle)
Light Spot; Diameter:ø9,ø8,ø5,ø3,ø2,ø1,ø0.2(mm);
Slit Angle:0º~180ºwith horizontal scanning capability;
Slit Inclination:5º,10º,15º,20º;
Filter:heat absorption,13%ND,red-free,and bule;
Input Voltage:110V/220V 60/50HZ;
Input Power:58VA;
Illumination Bulb:12V 30W halogen bulb;
Fixation Bulb: (red)LED;