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TW-S350 Image Acquistion System

Model No.︰TW-S350
Brand Name︰Towoo
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Microscope Type: Galilean Type
Magnification Change: Revolving Drum(5 or 3 steps)
Total Magnification: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
Ocular Magnification: 12.5X
Ocular Field: Ø18mm
Pupillary Adjustment: 52mm~78mm
Diopter adjustment: ±6D
Field of view: Ø34.7mm(6X),Ø22mm(10X),Ø13.5mm(16X),Ø8.5mm(25X),Ø5.5mm(40X)

Slit lllumination:
Slit Width: 0~14mm continuous (slit becomes a circle at 14mm)
Slit Length: 1~14mm continuous
Aperture Diameters: Ø14mm, Ø10mm, Ø5mm, Ø3mm, Ø2mm, Ø1mm, Ø0.2mm
Slit Angle: 0°~180°
Slit Inclination: 5°,10°,15°,20°
Filters: Heat-absorbing filter,ND filter,Red-free filter,Cobalt Blue filter
Lamp: 6V/20W Halogen Lamp
Intensity of lllumination: ≥ 50KLX

Instrument Base
Longitudinal Movement: 90mm
Lateral Movement: 100mm
Vertical Movement: 30mm
Fine Base Movement: 15mm

Vertical Movement: 80mm
Fixation: LED

Power Supply
Input Voltage: 220V/110V~±10%
Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 30VA(max)
Output Voltage: Lamp 6V, Fixation 3V

System specification
Standard accessories: Beam splitter,digital camera adapter with canon EF mount,Mediview
software,backlit background illumination model
Options: digital SLR camera,computer,printer
Function: Still image(up to 17.9 mega pixel) and live video(2.0 maga pixel)
Acquisition,patient informantion management,inspection report output
Image acquisition device: digital SLR camera(canon EOS series,eg.500D/550D)
Viewerfinder: microscope eyepiece,camera
Transmission: USB
Power supply: online charing module

System requirement guidelines
Computer configuration
CPU:2.00GHz or above
Memery: 1024Mb or above
Screen resolution ratio: 1080*1024(17 inch display is recomm ended)
Graphics card: ATI or NVIDA indipendent graphic card
Printer: A4 colorful printer(recommended),B5,B4,A5 are also available
Software configuration
Operating system: Windows XP and Windows 7(Windows Vista is not available)
Graphic card setting: Color quality:24 bytes or above
Network IP configuration: 192.168.1.XX(1~255,except 9)
Firewall setting : Please turn off the firewall when running this software

Heat-absorbing filter,ND filter,Red-free filter,Cobalt Blue filter
Heat aborption,grey,redfree(green),cobalt blue

TW-S350 Slit Lamp lmage System is one of the few in the world combining the functions of image acquisition ,database,image editing and photo printing together.

The resolution of the image produced by TW-S350 Image System reaches up to 17.9 Megapixels.

Mediview software makes the operation of TW-S350 Slit Lamps Image Systeam as easy as operating PC.
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