TW-1510 Ophthalmic Unit

TW-1510 Ophthalmic Unit

Model No.︰TW-1510

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰-

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specifications︰ Used of ophthalmic diagnosis and optometry as a general ophthalmic unit.

1. Hydraulic pressure up and down movement with lower noise;
2. Able to be equipped with arm, projector and so on;
3. Economical background illumination, comfortable;
4. Reasonable construction and clipper-built shape;

1. Arm tilting angle: ±30º;
2. Table rotate angle: 90º;
3. Table slip scope: ±150mm;
4. Chair rotate: +60º;
5. Chair height: 500-700mm;
6. Weight: 200Kgs;
7. Power: 120W, 220V, 50Hz/110V, 60Hz;
8. Illumination bulb: 15W;